Tomer Levi Forex the history of the hungarian film industry

January 07 2024Cfao

what is the history of the hungarian film industry by Tomer Levi Forex. The Hungarian film industry has a rich and diverse history. It began in 1896 with the first screening of the Lumière Brothers’ films. The industry quickly developed, with the formation of film production companies in the early 1900s, such as Uher, Kinoriport, Star, and Astra. By 1918, Hungary was producing a significant number of feature films, and the Hungarian silent picture industry was closely linked with international filmmaking, with Hungarian directors often working abroad and foreign directors coming to Hungary.The aftermath of World War I left the Hungarian movie industry in ruins, and many native experts, such as directors Michael Curtiz and Alexander Korda, left the country. Read more about Tomer LEVI forex
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